日本高H动漫在线 日本高H动漫在线 ,日本一本一道久久香蕉 日本一本一道久久香蕉

日本高H动漫在线 日本高H动漫在线 ,日本一本一道久久香蕉 日本一本一道久久香蕉 发布日期:2021年05月15日
High Frequency Welding Machine for Inflatable Items (H-Frame, Gantry)

35KW  Gantry Style High Frequency Sealing Machine for Large Size Inflatable Plastic Products (Plain Welding)

(Máquina de sellado térmico de alta frecuencia para productos plásticos inflables)

Radio frequency welding or (high frequency welding) is the process of bonding together materials through the use of electromagnetic energy. Two electrodes create an oscillating electric field that begins to shift and move polar molecules within the materials in order to orient themselves in accordance with the electromagnetic field. The movement of these molecules releases energy in the form of heat. When enough energy is applied, the molecules begin to melt and bond to one another. No external heat is applied. The weld is completed by applying pressure to the bonded area, ensuring a successful seal.

Model No. : HW-HW35KSS

Heavy duty high frequency Plastic Sealing machine with 2 welding head and 4 shuttle slides,applicable to make inflatable cisterns, swimming pool accessories, large size toys, inflatable bed and medial mattress and so on.

日本高H动漫在线 日本高H动漫在线 ,日本一本一道久久香蕉 日本一本一道久久香蕉


PVC (and materials contains PVC more than 10%), PET, PETG, APET, GAG, PU, TPU, EVA and cardboard  


Tent, Vehicle Tarpaulin Cover, water cisterns, tensile and membrane structures, large format advertising billboards, Banner or posters, oil-booms, pool liners, bath curtain, inflatable toy, Raincoat, Umbrella, Swimming ring, card holder, mouse pad, Inflatable mattress, hospital mattress and so on

  1. Heavy duty HF welding machine to seal large format work piece, which can be installed with two one welding head for one of two slides, or two welding head for 4 slides.
  2. 15KW-180KW, to be customized at client’s requirement
  3. Front and hind welding head can be set up with different parameters for different work pieces
  4. Adopting high sensitive 5557 anti-spark device to avoid damaging mould
  5. European standard high frequency cube oscillator provides more reliable and stable in output
  6. Movement controlled by servomotor, precision of positioning +/- 0,5 mm
  7. Automatic tracking system controls output HF power
  8. Tooling bar press protection system for operator safety and ease of operating and positioning of welded material.
  9. Specifications are dependent on final design according to user’s detailed requirement and actual working conditions.

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35KW Gantry Style RF Sealer with 2 welding heads and 4 side shuttles 

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